As reported by Oregonian Live, the Cannabis consumer is at high risk for unsafe Cannabis products laced with high levels of unhealthy pesticides. While Cannabis remains illegal at the Federal level, no pesticides have been approved for Cannabis. Government regulations that would protect consumers may be years away from helping Cannabis consumers avoid the risk of harmful pesticide residues. Cannabis is a high-value crop, and inexperienced producers and growers may not understand the health risks related to using pesticides on Cannabis.

CannaCheck Approved has developed High Cannabis Testing Standards to ensure consumer safety. Although we cannot guarantee the product to be completely pesticide free, we have put the Cannabis products, producers, and growers through multiple checks and require all products to be tested by ChemHistory.

American Herbal Pharmacopeia Cannabis Inflorescence (Cannabis Standards for Quality control) lists 20 commonly used pesticides used on cannabis. Of those twenty pesticides, close to half cannot be detected unless tested by LC MS/MS Triple Quad instrumentation. ChemHistory is one of only a few Cannabis laboratories in Oregon that possesses and utilizes this instrumentation.

CannaCheck Approved currently screens for 59 of the most common pesticides relevant to cannabis products mandated by OAR 333-007-0400.

Simply put, CannaCheck is one of the most comprehensive tests for Cannabis Product Quality Control in the United States.


Requirements to be CannaCheck Approved:

  1. Batch testing required with representative random sampling. All batches of cannabis products ready to be sold at market are required to have random representative sampling. Half percent of total batch is randomly taken and mixed and final sample taken. Balance of unused sample returned to customer. Without random representative sampling the test result is only good for the sample provided.
  2. Inspection and consults with growers and producers that follow best practices developed including responsible pesticide use and natural methods for cultivating Cannabis.
  3. Proper Instrumentation for testing pesticides on Cannabis (LC MS/MS Triple Quad). Testing for pesticides that are relevant to Cannabis cultivation as found In the American Herbal Pharmacopeia Cannabis Inflorescence.

CannaCheck Approved is the Consumer’s Choice for safe Cannabis consumption.

When choosing a Cannabis product, look for the CannaCheck Approved Seal for quality and peace of mind.

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CannaCheck Approved has developed High Cannabis Testing Standards to ensure consumer safety by creating a series of testing regulations that ensure the highest quality standards.