What is Microbial Testing?

Microbiological contamination refers to the non-intended or accidental introduction of infectious material like bacteria and fungi into a product. In simpler terms, it is much like cross-contamination in the food-processing industry.

Cannabis can become contaminated at any time during the growing, harvest, storage, processing, distribution, handling, or preparation process; with the primary sources of microbial contamination being soil, air, animal feed and by-products, plant surfaces, sewage, and food processing machinery, as well as human introduced.

What is the Importance of Microbial Testing?

Consumption of microbiological contaminants is harmful in any method, be it through processed edible food items or through other ingestion means.

For that reason, any supplier should and MUST ensure consumer and patient safety prior to sales or distribution.

Contaminants can affect any grow/production facility regardless of how many safeguards have been put in place.

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