What is Pesticide Testing?

Pesticides, such as abamectin, pyrethroids, spinosyn, organophosphates, and carbamates, are commonly used in cannabis cultivation to kill flies, spider mites, aphids, and powdery mildew.

Currently there are no federal “watch dog” agencies (EPA, FDA or USDA) monitoring cannabis as a consumable; and, no formal standards accepted within the industry as to what pesticides can be used safely and in what quantities.

ChemHistory encourages dispensaries and growers to undertake responsible testing.

What is the Importance of Pesticide Testing?

Any supplier should and MUST ensure consumer and patient safety prior to sales or distribution. 

Our lab can detect the presence of hundredths of pesticides. All responsible concentrate makers should use safe extraction methods in order to produce cannibinoid concentrates that can be trusted with the health and wellness of their patients. For more information, please see this link from the EPA about pesticide health and wellness.

All pesticide tests are performed by our Agilent Technologies LC/MS-MS Triple Quad 6410.

Testing early for pesticides now will help growers avoid financial devastation later.

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CannaCheck Approved has developed High Cannabis Testing Standards to ensure consumer safety by creating a series of testing regulations that ensure the highest quality standards.